Rack mount software anouncement?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
So we know that the rackmount mac is going to be out on monday. But it's being introduced at WWDC, which implies some things. Developers are getting a first peek at these machines. They are announcing the machine, but when will it ship? This time difference is what the developers have to get a head start on. I'm sure they have some work to do. Hopefully this work will be focusing on clustering. I'm surmising that Apple has done some back end work on the OS.

Can we expect any new services as well? A media server maybe called iPhoto Pro? I'm hoping that the real surprise of monday is a software announcement.



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    the 14th is on tuesday Hold your breath for an extra 24 hours...
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    fischerfischer Posts: 35member
    Apple will announce its acquisition of Pangea Software (for pocket change), from whence it will derive the Killer App for its rackmount machines...

    Just imagine - dedicated Bugdom servers for hundreds of netbooting eMacs! Every educator's dream!
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