Leopard - best thing is....

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webclip. hands down. now i can use dashboard, its useful finally and it makes sense. I want this on my apple tv right damn now. I have so many things that would be cool on an HDTV if I could just cut web pages out and use them like this. Its that good.

the rest of it? i dunno, i'm seeing a lot of cool 'fixes' but not a lot of waaaa-ow wow wow!!

I don't think this is the release. If it is, well, its a nice slow upgrade, but nothing to extend four months to october for.

I think the hidden value will be in iLife, lets hope so.

Other than that, just add .1 to 10.4, and that's Leopard.

It is, however, extremely 'clean' all around. Its very appealing.

EDIT: coverflow for browsing disks kicks ass.


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    mcarlingmcarling Posts: 1,106member
    The Leopard features I care most about are Resolution Independence (because it will lead to sharper, easier to read screens) and Time Machine. I would spend the $129 for either of those, but I haven't seen any other features for which I would pay money to upgrade.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,273member
    Put me down for :

    Quick look/Spotlight/Stacks- I'm moving to a more flat file structure with less nested folders. I'm going to rely on Spotlight and Quick look to increase my access to files. I'd love to be able to apply "folder actions" to the Stacks in the Dock as well.

    Time Machine- because I hate losing data

    Automator- Big improvements here I think I'm going to use it.

    QT Kit/Capture- modern video encoding/decoding capture should make the next iMovie bearable.

    Threaded Finder and UI- no more lag and beachballing.
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,080member
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    For me, the top four features that makes Leopard an almost must buy for me are as follows, #1. New Look, #2. Quick Look, #3. New Finder, and finally Number Four, Time Machine. I have wanted a new look for a while, and I believe the transparent menu bar will make it where I barely even notice it -- which for me is a good thing. The new dock just looks snazzy, Quick Look seems like it will make the computing expreience faster, which is what I want. The New Finder is far from perfect, but the new Cover Flow feature makes things go by quickly, and will make looking at doc's/pic's/whatever a lot faster. And finally Time Machine, even with my new Mac, I have had to reload my OS, which I lost a lot of stuff -- but Time Machine backs everything up FOR me. :-D No more losing stuff on my HD!

    But those are the features I want.
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    1) Improved Spotlight

    2) Improved Mail

    3) Improved Finder

    4) Java 6

    5) Stacks

    BTW, the Leopard demos on apple.com don't work on Firefox or Safari 3.0. They only work on Opera
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,228moderator
    Originally Posted by JavaCowboy View Post

    4) Java 6

    In the current release, it's 1.5. Apple tend to stay on the older releases. We're only just getting Python 2.5 with Leopard but it's been out for ages. It would be nice if they came as software updates like Java does.

    Originally Posted by JavaCowboy View Post

    BTW, the Leopard demos on apple.com don't work on Firefox or Safari 3.0. They only work on Opera

    They work for me in Safari 3.

    Originally Posted by mcarling

    The Leopard features I care most about are Resolution Independence

    No sign of it that I can see unless they will use quartz compositions for icons. If so, icons could even be animated, which would actually look pretty cool. But I don't see how they could do that with all the interface elements.
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