What software can I use to burn MiniDiscs?

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Does Toast 5 Titanium or Toast with Jam have a Audio MiniDisc burning option. I understand that there is a way to plug the player into your computer and push play on your iTunes playlist to burn them. I'm kind of looking for something that is more like iTunes where you push a burn button. Anything out there like this for burning audio MD's?


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    I'm really not that smart with all of this... If I buy a Sony MiniDisc player, can't I just connect it directly into my USB port and it will mount (OS X)? I know that Sony's software won't work on my Mac but can't I just drag music files into it and let it do it's thing? This is really confusing...I honestly don't understand. Maybe when I actually get it (in 2 days) I'll understand a little better but I think I'll just be back with more ?'s.
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    Let us know how you get on with using it with your Mac. I know that my friend uses his MiniDisc with his PC, but that is probably just because he got the Sony PC software with it. Would be good if you could get it to work like a removable drive on a Mac.
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    I guess you could use the Sony PC Software on virtual pc. But, myself personally, I would find any other possible option.
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    Hey everyone. I got the MiniDisc player for my birthday today! It's really great and everything that I expected. Compact, easy to use, doesn't skip, etc. I used the NetMD software on my dad's PC and I really like it (although its no iTunes). It wasn't that fastest thing on earth but I don't really want to sit through realtime transfers on my Mac. So my solution is to use the PC upstairs until I can afford Virtual PC.

    P.S.- This is a great solution for anyone that can't afford an iPod right now and has Virtual PC or a Windoze computer. Alot cheaper then buying a flash-based mp3 player and spending $100 for a sparse 128MB card.

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