Idea for iMac commercial - unboxing it

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I'm not the creative type but this idea seems fairly obvious. Why not have a commercial showing a family getting an iMac and unboxing it? I like the new iMac commercial in that it is obviously designed to make you consider how nice it looks. Why not take this a step further and show how great it is adding an iMac to your home?

You could have a nice looking family in a nice looking house and the mom taking it out the box and the kids eager to use it. It would express how nice it is to have an all in one unit sitting on your desk and Apple products look great on a nice desk. You could have one quick glimpse of how nicely Apple packages their products.

An added bonus of this is that it is less abstract and more consumerish. People respect that Apple is artsy in their commercials and that implies high quality. But customers also like practical SUV style commercials. They show people jumping into an SUV and driving over rough terrain and consumers get excited at joining that lifestyle even though most never do it. Instead of the artsy approach of Apple, this would be more like a "Look how nice this will look in your home and how hip you will be with it." type of commercial.


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    Brodie !

    Woof !

    Edit - For the newer Apple viewers
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    Yea, you are right. But Apple would NEVER do it.
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    "There is no step three..."
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