extra 5gb of "other" in ipod storage. help?

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my ipod (5.5 gen, 80gb) has recently been approaching full capacity, and as such i've started looking for ways to maximize the amount of stuff i can keep on it. looking at its "capacity" bar at the bottom of summary tab in itunes, i notice that it says that it says there is 7gb of "other" in the hard drive. i do use the ipod as a portable hard drive, but the sum of the visible files in my ipod's root is no more than 2gb. where does the extra 5gb come from.

further, the sum of my "audio" and "video" files in the capacity bar is 63gb. however, when i used InVisibles to display the hidden files, the volumes/my ipod/ipod_control/music folder, which is where all the audio and video files should be, is 66gb. again, what's up with the extra space taken up, and why isn't it registering the full 66gb in the capacity bar?

one possible explanation is the fact that, although i use a mac, i wanted to use my ipod across systems, so recently i reformatted it (after backing it all up) to windows. before making the switch, i'd looked into the reprocussions and seen that the fat32 (windows) file system is less efficent at storage than apple's hfs+. still, i didn't expect it to create this much of a change.

so, can someone explain to me why there are all these differences in figures and how, if possible, i could eliminate some of this extra space so i can cram more of my stuff on there? thanks for any help!


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    could someone please help me, or at least suggest any ideas or theories that could aid my search for the cause?
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    Could the "Other" include album artwork? I don't know how the iPod categorizes it.
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    it's unlikely that it'd take up that much space. i only have 2gb of "music" on it, and it's mostly audiobooks from librivox; less than 20 albums in all.
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