I need Help.

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i turned on my macbook but all I could get was the beachball, nothing would respond. So I figured it needed a reboot,( I had a lot of programs running), so I held the power switch down until it shut off. Then I restarted it. It chimed and went to the white screen, then just stopped. After about a minute this gray folder icon with a question mark started flashing on the white screen. I've never seen that before, but it can't be good.

Anybody know what to do next? and the macbook that i have is not mine its my schools.


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    anyone ?
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    smaxsmax Posts: 361member
    If you have an install disk, pop it in and go to Disk Utility. Click Repair Disk.

    Not 100% sure if it will work, but it would be a good place to start.
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    Sounds like it can't find the OS, or the hard drive.

    If the cd fix doesn't work, you could also try to reboot while holding cmd-s on chime. When text running ends, type 'sbin/fsck -f' (without the quotes). It will start checking the HD. When that is done, type 'exit'. Your computer will boot normally from there.
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