iTunes store on iPod touch problem?

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I'm on my touch right now and I just decided to try out the iTunes store. I've never made a purchase through iTunes before (on the touch OR the original store), but I assumed it was quick and painless. Well, not that this was really slow and painful; it just wouldn't work. I tried two different songs and it said it couldn't download either. I was just wondering if there were any quirks the iTunes store have that an iTunes noob like myself might not be aware of. Anyone else have issues with buying songs on the touch?


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    Have you made sure you have store credit?
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    Originally Posted by Ivan P View Post

    Have you made sure you have store credit?

    Maybe that's it. I thought it would just charge the 99 cents to my credit card. I'll try that tomorrow then. Thanks!

    Update: Turns out that wasn't the problem. It worked like I was expecting it to last night, it just didn't work last night for some reason. Maybe iTunes was down for an update or something. Today, it worked fine.
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