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Sorry, this'll be a sucky first post, but bare with me!

After an unfortunate turn of events, Im am now not allowed to buy an ipod touch!

Here in Canada, with the Canadian and American dollars basically at par, it is roughly 60-70$ cheaper for me to drive across the border and purchase the touch 40 minutess away from my house and smuggle it over the border all because apple doesn't adjust their prices EVER. (ok the 80 gig classic came down 20$ at the beginning of the month)

Moving on, I am going on a week long trip at the end of September, and planned to save the 70$ and buy it at an apple store in Seattle, which is what i planned on doing until a few mins ago!

I just got off the phone with an apple guy, (who after much persuasion, convinced me to buy the extended warranty since mine expires in 4 days) and i asked him about the touch, and he said apple will drop the prices BEFORE Christmas! so he said not to buy it, and wait just like the iphone and that it is wayy overpriced. so now i am not letting myself buy the ipod touch and trusting the apple guy. I am now waiting until December, and going to smuggle it over the border if apple doesn't adjust the prices!

Sorry about this pointless story, i just though it might be somewhat interesting for, well, i guess not really anybody..ill go hide in a hole now..

Im kidding! Ive been reading AI for over a year now and finally got an account...Hi everyone!

EDIT: The guy from apple on the phone also said, (and i quote) "DO NOT BUY LEOPARD WHEN IT COMES OUT! Its fulllllllll of bugs and i recomend to buy it around March" So yeah, I don't really understand what made this guy tell me all this stuff, I mean its not like apple customer relations people know any insider stuff, nevermind tell us! So im kinda curious as to how accurate this stuff is\


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    If you have any sources on this, then I'll be mad at Apple. What a surprise.

    My iPod Touch arrives in a day or two though, so at least I get to be first.
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    Sounds like pure speculation, I really doubt there will be a significant drop in price unless there is a new model out, Apple knows how unhappy their customers were when the iPhone prices dropped, they won't make the same "mistake" again.
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    Originally Posted by buddha View Post

    Sounds like pure speculation, I really doubt there will be a significant drop in price unless there is a new model out, Apple knows how unhappy their customers were when the iPhone prices dropped, they won't make the same "mistake" again.

    apple employees are r-tards. they don't know any insider stuff as was said before. leopard will be fine when it comes out; of course bugs will be present but it's a new operating system. it won't be terrible though, that's why they have a beta.

    the touch will definitely not drop by much. once again as stated previously, apple will not make the same mistake twice.
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    Can't see them dropping price on the new iPods before Xmas. The only thing that would do that would be a drop in the price of the iPhone into iTouch territory, but I think they have thought that one through enough, at least until January.

    As for Leopard, if you have used any computer for more than 24 months you know to never do a major OS upgrade on a critical use machine - read heavy daily businees use or education use until at least the first update pack has come out, or until there is a good installed user base of the software etc you use reporting no bad news.. So in that sense, ya I'm sure it's riddled with bugs

    I hear ya on the pricing thing though! With the $ so close to US it sucks seeing a price diff I'd wait and get it in Seattle, that way you will get a 2nd or 3rd production run hopefully and maybe have a few less kinks in your pod
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    Well my mother just got off the phone with apple....

    She ordered a 24" iMac 2.8 GHz 2gb ram for her graphics work, so i got her to ask a few questions while she ordered:

    This apple employee said theres no chance in hell the iPod Touch will drop in price before Christmas, so i gues sthe otehr guy was speculation for sure.

    So that means ill be getting one from seattle on octber 4th (Perfect timing to test the starbucks wifi feature! since i live in Vancouver BC.)

    Oh and I have another important question, if someone could answer it:

    If Im on Vacation with my old iPod, and I buy the new Touch away from my home, will i be able to use a computer in the apple store to possibly transfer my media onto the new ipod? or will that cost extra? Will I have to use my 5G iPod and put my media on it as a hard drive? or does apple have an easy way of doing that?

    Thanks for the answers!
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