Cheap multi-track recording

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Is there any cheap software (OSX) that will let me record a track, like through a microphone and then let me listen to that track while I record another track? e.g., Lay down a guitar part and then record the vocals while listening to the guitar part through headphones.

I don't want tons of bells and whistles, just basic multitrack recording.




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    Well if you are willing to boot into os9 to do your recording i would suggest protools free, you can d/l from their site, it doesnt cost anything, and it doesnt hurt anyone to know their way around protools

    for osX i would suggest Deck, They were one of the first companies to move their entire product line to osx, i believe you can get a light version for around $100

    im not really too familar with shareware, but im sure there is something cheap that would suit your needs check out
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    Thanks very much! I downloaded the Deck trial and it's exactly what I wanted.
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