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is the ipod touch all its cracked up to be?


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    is the ipod touch all its cracked up to be?

    It's steep, but worth it. Just barely worth it, but still worth it. I keep getting hazed by an iPhone-endowed buddy of mine that I paid the same price as an iPhone for it, but I remind him that my iPod Touch doesn't cost at least $60/month to use.
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    I voted No. I have one and am loving it (managed to get it for £115) but it's not all that great. Future versions will be excellent I'm sure. I'm still using my Nano 1Gen for music playing, but teamed with Elgato's EyeTV and the recent update that enabled Calendar entries it's growing on me.

    It's missing a few basics that older iPods had like Notes, To Dos, Games, radio remote etc....
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