20" White iMac Memory and Other Questions

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I am scheduled to pick up my used white 20" iMac today and I wanted to ask how to go about a memory upgrade. It's a 2ghz Core Duo processor and has 512mb of memory so I would love to update that before I even start playing with it. Do I need to "match" the sticks or anything like that? And what exact memory chips does it take?

I also wanted to find out as far as the processors go, for a new Apple user such as myself, would there be a noticeable difference between Core Duo processor and a Core 2 Duo in an iMac?

Thank you in advance for any information.



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    Since no one answered perhaps I will modify my question a little:

    I want to update the memory on my new (to me) white 2ghz core duo iMac. I read in the manual that it can take up to 2 gigs of DDR2-667mhz PC2-5300 of memory.

    Can I just get a single 2gig stick or do I need to spread the 2 gigs into two 1 gig sticks in each slot? Any info would be appreciated.

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    You don't have to match the sticks, but I believe the max for each slot is 1 GB. So, you could put in a 1 GB module and a 512MB module, for a total of 1.5 GB, but you can't get the 2 GB stick alone, I believe. Not that you'd really need to, what's the use of an empty slot when you have the max anyway?
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    I went with Kingston 2x 1gig Dual Channel memory and it works just great. Thanks for the reply.
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