Painter 7 tryout driving me nuts

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Hello there

I just installed the trial version of Painter 7 for OS X, and upon startup (the install required me to restart) OS X warned me that one file is a security risk and gave me the options to use it, not to use it, "fix it." I chose not use it.

Because of this, I don't think I will be trying out Painter 7 so I was hoping somebody knew how to uninstall the thing? I've deleted the Painter folder, but the warning still shows up on startup. I also found something called PACE on my HD which is supposed to be some anti-piracy thing. (At least that's what their web site says) I moved it from my system folder assuming that this was the cause (and that it was installed with Painter), yet the issue still remains.

I have since redownloaded the .sit file containing everything, yet the installer doesn't include an uninstaller. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

The Painter website is <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;



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