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Hey all. the adobe website doesnt exactly make the answer to my question clear.

basically, i have an educational copy of cs2 which i bought when i had a g5 dual 2.0.

i switched to an intel mac this year and wanted to upgraed to cs3.

questions are:

-since i cant install cs2 on my intel mac will i even be able to 'upgrade' since there will be no files on the hard drive to update? or does it just use the serial number to prove i owned it?

-since it is an education copy can i still upgrade?



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    If it's an EDU copy, then no, Abobe probably won't let you do an upgrade. All an upgrade needs is the serial key of the previous version, not the files.

    Why can't you install on the Intel??? I installed CS 1.1 on my MacBook Pro, OS 10.5.1 until I messed with monolingual and tried to delete the extra architectures. It messed up Rosetta so I had to reinstall.

    For the RAM settings in Photoshop, don't go more than 75% of what you have installed.
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    When I left college I was able to upgrade an Educational version Creative Suite to a full version. I don't remember the circumstances, but I did it and have CS2 full version now. Give Adobe a call and see if they'll let you...

    CS2 runs fine on our Intel machines running Leopard. I've since installed CS3 on my work laptop though and it IS a lot faster. But if you're okay with pre-intel speeds (I don't think it's any SLOWER) then it'd be okay.
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    Adobe will make some sort of deal with you. They did for me. I thought it was cool of them to even offer me a discounted retail package coming from a student edition. Adobe has much better customer service than Apple in this aspect. I remember buying the student edition After Effects 7 Pro during the CS3 beta phase. I was eligible for a free upgrade. When CS3 came out my upgrade was full retail version. Nice. Call Customer Service. They will work with you especially if you want the Master Suite.

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