Sneak Preview: Quicken for Mac overhaul due out this fall



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    So is QuickBooks this far behind? Or should we expect a new version earlier?
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    Originally Posted by tundraboy View Post

    That's well and good. But if there is no simple way to transfer my Quicken for Windows files then it's NO SALE. Seriously, Quicken for Mac is the crappiest POS software ever that came out of a major software company so I'm not holding my hopes too high.

    POS? It's not POS.
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    Originally Posted by NOFEER View Post

    has anyone used mint?? or other online products?

    i use mint off and on to monitor it's progress... thankfully if there is a security breach, nobody can transfer money between or out of your accounts... it primarily helps you monitor and budget your financial spending, with minimal effort on your part. it's a free service and it looks like they make their money on 'spliffs' by notifying you of which banks/credit cards can offer you better rates... thus saving you money.

    my primary gripe is the fact that they use too much javascript/AJAX on the forefront, rather than focusing on a solid feature set... they've addressed some of the major bugs now but at one point some of the bugs were pretty ridiculous, making me second guess their attention to security simply because the javascript was so buggy. however, their dev team is very responsive in the forums... and i love their SMS/email notifications. also, i've found that you can easily delete your accounts and have all your transaction data removed in the event you're not happy with the service... unlike, for example, facebook which retains your entire user-profile, even if you close your account down.
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    I can't say that Intuit has ever made Quicken strikenly interesting for a very long time. Each new version pushed out is the same old version just with more buttons and menus that people don't use... u know, kinda like Microsoft did with MSOffice until they innovated with MSOffice 2007 (PC).

    It sure is nice to see them actually re-doing the interface and giving it a new face with more intuitive screens. I'm not sure how the whole me-too iTunes look is going to work but at least they are giving it a try from the ground up. I have to say, that since Intuit lost its innovation, there have been many smaller companies picking up the pace with their competing product. Maybe, this has also helped Intuit start rethinking Quicken for the Mac along with Apple's precedence overtaking people's attention away from the PC/Windows world.
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    Originally Posted by success View Post

    POS? It's not POS.

    Depends on your definition of POS.

    QuickBooks POS is only available for Windows, naturally enough. However, if you want a great Mac-based POS solution then I suggest you check out Lightspeed from Xsilva Systems.

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    Originally Posted by success View Post

    POS? It's not POS.

    Uh, POS = Piece of Shit and not Point of Sale.
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    According to the first article from ars technica, "Quicken Financial Life for Mac" will not even feature-match Quicken Mac 2007. The investment side is apparently going to be severely lacking. No word what will happen to all the data you have in the 2007 version.

    And it will never be equal to the concurrent Windows version.
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    mysticmystic Posts: 514member
    If history is a lesson, you can bet it will be FULL of Bugs,,,
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    i'm going to wait to upgrade to anything

    i want to keep Q2003 and upgrade to leopard but it's not compatible

    soooo how about this, make a clone of the HD with superduper THEN upgrade my macbook to leopard and run q2003 on my external HD clone, and backup my necessary files when i get timecapsule i could still open tiger in my HD backup and download my transactions to the HD version of q2003

    do you think this would work, i could download to the HD and when something comes out i can upgrade both..does this make sense???
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    I'm pretty desperate for this, iBank is just riddled with really dumb bugs. I used to love Quicken on Windows a few years ago.
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    hmmm. Some interesting thoughts in the article and in the postings!

    I tried quicken many moons ago. I just wanted a simple checkbook register and couldn't get it to work. Thus ended the free trial of quicken. I use XL sheets and am a happy camper. Kind of a sad reflections on the product I couldn't figure out how to do something simple and common. pert of it kind of felt like "We thought of a better way to do it, and we want to force you to learn our way". When the new version came out I wonder how easy it will be to do just what you want - or if it will be easier to understand their model of how to organize finances.

    Some of the screen shots were a bit weird. Coverflow? I've yet to find any use for it, and now it's in a financial program showing me coverflows of spreadsheets? The tags are interesting, but will they be used. if Shoes is bigger than Food, you either make too much money or you're in trouble? The 'how am i doing' is also interesting. All I can think of are jokes about 'insolvency ahead' pop up windows. but - it's the 'not planning ahead' that gets people into trouble to begin with. Maybe this is what people need to avoid such troubles. If you can see the red flags months ahead of potential problems, then you can do something about it now...
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    What is the URL to the Quicken Beta signup page in the pic above?
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    I'm trying not to get my hopes up that INtuit will pull this off. However the past 5 years of Quicken have been very disappointing to me.

    hope they have a 30 day time bomb demo, because that'll be the only way I try it.
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    Originally Posted by Macvault View Post

    What is the URL to the Quicken Beta signup page in the pic above?
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    Originally Posted by Macvault View Post

    What is the URL to the Quicken Beta signup page in the pic above?
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    Why can't they just make it like Quicken for Windows?

    Quicken for Windows is great \
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    I don't think Coverflow really has a place in banking software. How interesting could it be? Like you have 3-10 registers for checks, savings, or stocks... and all registers look the same. Lots of lines of entries. Coverflow is good for visual graphical data, not for numerical and tables that LOOK similar.

    I hope there is an option for opening up more windows also. I find it useful to see multiple registers at once, or move transactions, or have my Reconcile window open and pop back into the main register to add or correct an entry. If this is forced to be a 1-window solution then I will be upset.
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    Originally Posted by NOFEER View Post

    just sitting back waiting for a good competitor to quicken then jump

    Thank you for this link! I have been using Quicken 2007 for Mac and have been eagerly awaiting the new version. Based on the fact that it wont even be out until late fall, I checked out iBank and version 3 looks like it's going to be awesome.

    They say they beta is coming soon and the full version will be released in February. I dont know how many people here use iBank, but just looking at the features (and quickly checking out ibank2) I have to say I was impressed.
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    I've been using Quicken since 1999. I've upgraded every other year. Quicken's online banking feature has been quite good and reliable over time. In June of last year something changed - for all users, regardless of version or platform - online quotes service for investors in Canadian equities and mutual funds ceased to function normally. In recent weeks problems are reportedly manifesting themselves for US quotes. Users experienced sporadic outage of service for mutual funds and quotes multiplied by 10 for equities. The Quicken support forums (Windows and Mac) have recorded hundreds of posts and thousands of views (hits) in the last eight months on this failure. Quicken has clearly been non-supportive of affected users. Of course there is the well-documented problem with Quickbooks Pro for Mac 2006 deleting the Desktop folder and its contents during an automatic update.

    If Intuit/Quicken believes that "Quicken Financial Life for Mac" is the answer for regaining favor with Mac users - let's hope they got it right. What users expect is a comprehensive overview of their finances and predictable online functionality regardless of Leopard spots. Baby Boomers (for example) may be more interested in knowing what they're net worth is or how well their IRA/RRSPs are doing without getting out the ol' pencil and pad and adding numbers from this app and that app. Now Quicken has much at stake - many Mac users are feeling abandoned and Quicken has demonstrated a lack of interest in a fundamental failure to transact online which does not bode well for "Quicken Financial Life for Mac".
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    Why is it going to take til next fall for Intuit to have this new Mac version done? It is WAY overdue as it is. This time-frame-til-release makes me very skeptical.
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