Disabling Network Check for Office 2008

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I was doing a search recently on how to disable the network check feature on Microsoft office 2008. I came across a post from december 2001 that said

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It always goes over port 222 and then sends over a random one on 222 between 3000 and 4000. Just block 222 in the command line with this command:

sudo ipfw add 0 deny udp from any to any 2222

And then the check will not occur.

and i was wondering if this trick is still valid for office 2008. Also is it supposed to be 4 2's or 3 2's in the command line because at first it says 222 and it says 2222 in the command line. thanks for any input.


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    What? Do you have a link to this article? It doesn't apply to Office 2008 as far as I know. If you're talking about AutoUpdate, you can disable that from the settings in that application.
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    dave k.dave k. Posts: 1,306member
    No he is talking about a licensing check. Not software update.

    Office is "aware" of multiple running copies on a network and will shut them down if they exceed licensing limits.
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    Littlesnitch is what you're looking for.
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    yeah i got little snitch and i have all the ports blocked on word, works like a charm.
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    Originally Posted by hckyplayer024 View Post

    yeah i got little snitch and i have all the ports blocked on word, works like a charm.

    How do you go about blocking ports for Entourage while still making it functional. I've tried setting up a rule that only allows it to connect to the mail server, but it still seems to be checking the network thru other means. Can it possibly be running a helper app that does the checking?
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    I have l snitch blocking all internet access for word. Should I also block all network connections (local?)
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