17" PowerBook G4 with clicking HD

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I have searched around the forum for similar problems but mine has a twist to it.

So here is the story:

One day I was using my powerbook and suddenly it froze... I restarted it and suddenly I heard the clicking of death coming from the left side of my powerbook where the HD is located. Then every time I power it up I get the grey screen then the clicking starts and stays at that point. So I find a new HD and go to a apple authorized technician to get the new HD installed. I get a phone call saying that the computer wont even power up now, the screen stays black.

Just would like to know what the problem might be, even though there is someone looking at it. Might be something someone on here can say that they might not know.

I am trying get this computer fixed as soon as possible since I am making this post using a "WINDOWS" machine and really really miss my mac.

Thanx in advance


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    hrm... My MBP went in for a HD, wound out getting a top plate too. Tech put it back together and somehow pinched the cable for keyboard/mouse. He owned up to it. He either didn't plug it back in or pinched the cable to power switch. No chirps or beeps on startup??? Something is not plugged in or he broke something, so I question his "tech" status... I would be calling apple with him standing there if they give you a hard time about looking into this
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