New Mac...until the Fed Ex guy dropped it!



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    I would kicked the everloving shit out of him and told him I don't *officially* care.
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    horrible experience, I hope you can still sleep at night

    And what a lame remark to make even on that guy's account 'I don't

    officially work for Fed Ex'?? Who cares? He is making the money and

    should do it right. I wouldn't even have accepted the delivery, but hey,

    Apple is replacing it. Good deal then.

    When I moved from the Netherlands to Curacao (am back now and Canada is next),

    we had a G4 for packed and shipped with our things. It was not even 3 months old.

    Now, I should have seen it coming, when the mover wrote down 'monitor' on the box.

    Arriving in Curacao, it booted once and then crapped out. There was a dent in the box,

    showing it had dropped. And oh yeah, the arm was bend, which would be an indication!

    Well, the insurance company 'SAA Overvliet Assurantiemakelaars' managed not to pay

    up for a whole year. Therefor having less to pay out to us. They asked us what we thought

    was wrong with it etc. I said, maybe hd, maybe whatever. So, they were going to send us a

    hd and we could put it in ourselves... seriously. My wife shot back 'if my car's spoiler is broken,

    you expect me to put one on as well?'. No apple support on the islands, only crooks.

    We got money in the end and a good deal on the new G5 20" back then.

    Now we have the latest 24" And we traded our old G5 in for that, for discount.....

    we heard that the G5 died the day after.... lucky us
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    That must suck waiting years and boom its broken well this happened to me sort of

    So I took my iBook to school because my friends are like when are you going to bring it,ect. and when I get back from lunch the opitical drive was open and when I got home it would not close but I might save up for a MacBook once its updated and price droped(I hope)
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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    Wow. UPS really has come downhill if you're getting $9.50 an hour.

    UPS was always known as one of the best companies in the US to work for. In 1990, the starting rate for college kids in the loading department without any prior experience was $8.50 when the minimum wage was $4.25. They had compulsory raises so it wouldn't be long before you could earn $15 if you were competent and kept your job. Even better if you got promoted.

    Drivers always earned very good pay there. It was definitely something you could develop a career out of without a college degree.

    This is the way it works in canada for a package handler. For the first 90 days, you get 9.50 an hour. After that, you go up to 10 bucks an hour, you get insurance, and you're on the union. After 1 year from the point of unionship, you get 11.50. After another year you get 12.50. After another year you get 18 bucks an hour. It's not that bad, but it starts off way to low.
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