We're on the wrong path - - Let's think outside the box! (PowerPod)



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    kurtkurt Posts: 225member
    Thinking outside the box.

    Maybe it will be an iBook grafted onto a Ginger. Steve Jobs seemed to think they were cool. It may be a little difficult to surf the web while you are scooting along but it would be fun anyway.
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    Compatability would be a shock.

    Really folks- take a lesson from Linux.. unless you find a way to run the same applications that a MS PC can, you're stuck in left field.

    "Out of the box" would be seeing all the fabulous power and security MAC owners rant about driving MS applications.

    I'm by no means suggesting MS is a better platform, but if you want MAC to grow, stop narrowing the scope of the market.

    First MS grabbed hard core business machines.

    Next it was the user interface "theft" -if that makes you happy.

    Games... It's your preferance -but when has a MAC made any headlines?

    Then imaging applications.. perhaps not nearly as fast, but fast enough for a wider market share and nearly all the same features..

    Look at XP and notice that interfaces are swirling closer.

    Cry and stamp your feet over who did what better or first... business has better things to do than listen to that.

    Produce a product that can complete.

    iPod is a year late and propriatary -again-.

    God help MAC if their big surprize is something that we've all seen before. A flat screen monitor or a handheld ain't news. Wireless ain't even news. Segway was only news.

    You can't expand your private planet MAC without giving the Universe something it can communicate with.

    The greatest and most impactful thing Apple could do is join the game.
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    It's a Mac, not a MAC.

    I hate that.

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