Font Book vs. Suitcase Fusion

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Having been a Mac user for longer than I care to think about, I'm a bit fan of keeping things really simple - minimal, mean & lean installations and nothing that isn't 100% required.

I have a lot of friend who have installed every single app, utility and gadget that they can get their hands on and then they wonder why their Mac runs SO slow.

Which is why I've never installed Suitcase. I figured that if the Macs ship with a suitable font management app in the box, then why complicate matters with a third party application that does exactly the same thing, and which may not play nice with the Apple app. I mean, after all, Font Book is developed by the same people that write the OS? Right?

But increasingly I'm being pressurised to install Suitcase. My peers with selective memory rave about how they've never had any problems with Suitcase (even although I've had to fix their Macs in the past after they've become unusable with Suitcase related problems.

What are your guys opinions on Suticase vs. Font Book. Is Suitcase worth installing and does it play nice with Font Book?


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