POSIX compatibility

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How compatible is OSX with the latest POSIX standards? I do a lot of network programming, and it would be nice to know that my BSD Sockets-based code will work without too much change on OSX (I can always use GUSI for limited functionality in OS9). Are pthreads supported? aio? Realtime extensions?

I got burned by this on BeOS when it turned out their "POSIX layer" was not 100% compatible, and in some places could not be made so without great difficulty (specifically in the pthreads area).

-- ShadyG


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    [quote]Originally posted by ShadyG:

    Are pthreads supported? aio? Realtime extensions?<hr></blockquote>

    from what I have heard it is not 100% compatible, and I think pthreads are one of the casualties. I hope some one else here has better advice though.
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    You should hit the Darwin mailing list that Apple has. I'm sure POSIX has come up there. If not you can ask and someone will know.
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