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So I got to thinking, since most computers now a days have bluetooth, wouldn't it be convent to be able to control one's iPhone from the desktop. This wouldn't be tethering, because the phone wouldn't be providing any cellular services to one's desktop.

However, if a call came in, a translucent bezel would appear on one's screen allowing one to answer the call and even take it using the the computer's built in speakers and microphone. All the other functionality would still be available. It'd be just like running one's iPhone by remote control.

There could also be a background iPhone Remote application that allows one to make and receive calls and SMS messages using the mouse and keyboard. Think how much easier it would be to type SMS messages using a real keyboard.

One could also make and receive calls and even check messages with the option to uses the built in speakers and microphone.

To make the integration even tighter, a phone and SMS icon would be added next to contacts' names in the Address Book so one could start a call or send a text with one click. The icons would link directly to the iPhone Remote running in the background.

ANd finally, a phone and SMS icon will be added to the menu bar for quick access to the background iPhone Remote application. In addition, they would change color to indicate either a call or SMS has been missed with an indicator number to show how exactly many of each.

This has also gotten me thinking about how to encourage the development of such an application. If there is enough interest, maybe we could launch an inducement prize on BigCarrot.com. Perhaps people who contribute $10 receive a free copy of the winning submission, and contributor over $25 get a five-computer family pack.

Anyway, I'm curious to hear people's thoughts.


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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    I think you just gave away your once-in-a-lifetime million dollar app idea.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,785member
    I'd love to see this app made. It looks amazing!!

    It could easily be overly complex however. If it was going to be made, all design decisions would need to be carefully considered.

    No iPhone keyboard visual would be needed on your Mac for example, I think you're getting a bit confused by the way iPhone developers develop.

    One more thing...

    name = iPhone.app
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    I think you just gave away your once-in-a-lifetime million dollar app idea.

    Haha I know, right.
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    gizmo-xlgizmo-xl Posts: 142member
    This would be a great application that would make the Apple computers a total computing/communications solution. I hope this could be developed by Apple themselves to insure it's long term success.
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    tulkastulkas Posts: 3,757member
    BluePhoneElite 2


    Use your computer's microphone and speakers like a Bluetooth hands-free device!

    Phone to computer call-log synchronization

    Incoming call notification with caller ID and customizable alerts

    On-screen call controls and duration tracking

    Search and export call details with notes

    Access messages when phone is not connected

    Message changes synchronize when phone connects

    Organize messages in local folders

    Incoming message notification

    Searchable database supports 100,000+ messages

    Extendable plug-in architecture

    Phone number lookup from most Bluetooth phones and Apple's Address Book application

    Integration with OS X features: AppleScript, Spotlight, Speech Synthesis and more...

    Integration with Apple apps: Address Book, iCal, iChat, iTunes and more...

    Status menu and programmable hot-keys provide fast access from any application


    I tried the demo last year with my SE but wasn't overly impressed.
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    elronelron Posts: 126member
    Wait... are you telling me you can't do this kind of thing with an iPhone? I used to be able to dial numbers and send SMS using Address Book and my t68i. I think I could even get notified about incoming messages and calls, but I may have used a different app to do that.

    I know it's not quite the level of integration you're looking for, but I thought it was pretty slick.
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