"Contacts could not be synced due to inconsistent data."

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Am I the only MobileMe user that suffers from the issue of not being able to sync my address book with MobileMe contacts?

I have an 18month old 24" iMac and a 12month old MacBook Pro. As suggested, I synced everything prior to MobileMe going live. When MobileMe kicked off I tried to sync everything up. I constantly had problems with contacts, being told to check that the data on my computer was valid and then re-syncing.

I tried all the suggested articles from MobileMe Support but none helped. I became very frustrated with the whole thing and decided to re-install Leopard on my MacBook Pro. After installation I installed all the software updates and then atempted to sync with MobileMe.

With a fresh OS X installation I selected the option to "replace all data on my mac" - YET AGAIN I WAS GREETED WITH THE SAME MESSAGE:

"Contacts could not be synced due to inconsistent data."

It doesn't make sense. I have an iPhone which syncs pretty well with my contacts held on the MobileMe servers. I'm able to make changes on my iPhone that are reflected on MobileMe and vice versa, so why the problem syncing conacts with my Macs?

What's the craic Apple, why can't you boys and girls in Cupertino clean up this mess?

There's a lot of unhappy MobileMe users out here with renewals pending...

Do any others have this issue regarding inconsistent data?


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    mr_zebramr_zebra Posts: 85member
    Not for me, but I seem to be having problems with inconsistent font size...
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    dsosbdsosb Posts: 52member
    I am having the very same problem. Have you discovered any solution?
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    Same problem here as well.. Any news on this issue?
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