How to connect iPod to Bose stereo

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I have a bose surround sound system with cd player and imputs for tape, aux etc. If i was to get an iPod, how do i connect to it so i can listen through my present system. Is it a simple rca connection and then run off ipod battery?

How about this, iPod with 802 extreme built in, adapter to bose system that networks with iMac, PB and iPod now that would rock the world.

can i hook an ipod to my dell laptop and listen to the tunes?

see i'm thinking of getting my wife an ipod before or around christmas and doing some planning so that all she has to do is enjoy, she doens't like computers

Now that bose sells ipods they need to make a simple adapter so ipod can connect to all there stuff synergie man synergy


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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    The new iPod's come with a dock that have a line out port. This port looks like it takes a std mini-jack connector.

    You can get mini-jack to phono adaptors from most good AV shops.
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    Originally posted by AirSluf

    Straight connection from the iPods headphone jack to the Aux input on the stereo. If you need adaptors, just stop by Radio Shack, you can get nice ones for cheap there.

    My Aux/Video has two ports, a right and left. What do you mean by a "straight connection from headphone jack to Aux input". There is a cable that goes from the headphone port on the iPod to the big red and white Aux ports?

    They look something like this, I don't know what they are called:

    Those aren't really my Aux/Video ports, I just did a Google search for an example of what the ports look like.
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    Would I buy something like this? Does it fit all the correct ports?
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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    One of these does the trick... I have one... I used it for exact same thing.
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    Originally posted by Gargoyle

    One of these does the trick... I have one... I used it for exact same thing.

    Thank you! Just what I was looking for.
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    I clicked on your site to (radio shack ETC...... ) and it took me to the radio shack site but that is all... could NOT find this product.... Could you please give me some info on finding this product... Maybe i am doing something wrong . If you click on the web site you posted will it take U to this product... Would appreciate a response.... THANK YOU
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