Blu ray and Final Cut Studio 3

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So this is my prediction

Logic Studio 1 is out, Aperture 2 is out and both are state of the art, but Final Cut Studio 2 is now lagging.

Things i think to come. I think the Mac Pros will get Blu ray BTO in fall with the Nehalem Xeon upgrade.

I also think that NAB 2009 will feature FCS3 with Disc Studio Pro 5 and Compressor 4 that support Blu ray and all its codecs along with uncompressed 8K 16bit footage (hey even doubled number above 4K is 8K and the RED Epic is 5K 16bit and will be supported) and FCP will get Surround sound export with Soundtrack Pro with DTS 2.0 channel, DTS5.1 , DTS High Res7.1, DTS High Res Master Audio 7.1

With Dolby 2.0, Dolby 5.1, Dolby High REs 7.1, Dolby High Res True HD 7.1

And PCM/LPCM 7.1

Then in fall 2009, we';ll get MBPs with BD BTO

Also DVD Player will become Disc Player 3 and Quicktime will get upgraded (maybe is Quicktime 8)


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    Hello All,

    Are there any updates to the knowledge of whether Final Cut Pro or Studio will be updated to include Blu-ray support and perhaps even burning????

    I recall the Chairman of Sony or President getting up on stage with Steve about one or two MacWorlds ago... has this relationship gone South??

    Didn't Apple go big time into the Blu-ray consortium? So why IS ADOBE THE ONE TO HAVE SUPPORT IN THEIR PRODUCTS- FIRST!!!!????

    I am looking at an investment of at least Creative or Master Suite to get the blu-ray when I had thought Apple and the investment in Final Cut Studio was teh thing to do.

    Very confused,


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    Originally Posted by Birdman-HD View Post

    Very confused,



    You're not alone. There are plenty of videographers, particularly those with the fabulous Sony PMW-EX1, who are dying for Apple to finally get on the Blu-ray hayride. They end up using Encore in the Adobe Master Collection, which is solid software, though some even jump to Windows. It's time for Apple to make this thing happen, but as the original poster suggested we may not see an update until April 2009.
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    philbyphilby Posts: 124member
    Wasn't there a rumour that Apple is rewriting Final Cut, because it would obviously gain from being a 64bit application, and Carbon 64bit has died an unfortunate and unforeseen death?
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