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I have been reading some rumors about a possible Intel-compatible version of OS X. To me it would seem highly unlikely that Apple would make this move. I mean, if OS X could run as well on a PC as it does on a Mac, then what's to stop me from buying a dirt-cheap PC with OS X instead of shelling out the dough for a new Mac?

Anyway, I just thought I get people's thoughts on this idea. Would it be benificial for Apple to release an Intel version of OS X, or not?


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    Whats sad is ever since that idiot inquirer article came out, pc users have been gloatingly posting this crap everwhere telling everyone the Mac is gonna die soon.
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    starfleet, nice lock.

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    shut up with your locks.. there is a somewhat unique spin on the question.

    It might cast a shadow on MS as being the only OS to run on only ONE hardware platform, which would make Apple look more versatile. Also back-to-back comparisons would be that much more viable.

    Meh, thats all i have to say for now
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    Even if Apple COULD offer OS X for Intel, and that version of OS X could run every Mac app, including classic apps, and it had full feature parity with OS X for mac (no, even MORE features than OS X for Mac), even if all this were possible, Micro$oft would decimate Apple in less than a year.

    The way Windows is licensed to box makers, they are not allowed to install OS X on any computers at all. So every OS X user would be forced to BUY OS X. And since Apple makes most of their profits from hardware, they would have to sell OS X for intel at a higher price to make up for the lost revenue from hardware sales.

    In the face of direct competition with OS X, M$ would surely cease offering Office and IE for the Mac. No more viewing word documents in OS X.

    Of course, nobody in their right mind would buy Mac hardware ever again. It would be less than half the price to buy a Wintel box, buy OS X and install it on the box.

    So Apple would be competing with Windows XP, but anyone who wanted OS X would have to pay hundreds extra for it...and it wouldn't even be able to run Office or have a browser that can match the compatibility of IE.

    OS X on Intel is an emergency option that will be used only when Apple is about to go bankrupt.

    As for Apple using Intel Pentiums in Macs, and limiting OS X installations to this Mac hardware, think about the response from developers Apple would get after asking them to rewrite their code AGAIN, so that their apps would run on OSX for intel. It would be a disaster. Migrating to a new CPU architecture without backwards compatibility is as difficult a challenge as the migration to OS X, and developers would never go for it, not for Apple and their 4% market share.

    Also, if Apple used the same CPUs as Wintels, then their performance advantage would vanish. A G5 w/ Altivec would give Apple a significant advantage for multimedia computing performance.
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    here it is.

    <a href="http://macxp.net/"; target="_blank">http://macxp.net/</a>;

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    Well, we sure discouraged poor Omni from ever posting again.

    Come back, Omni. You happened to hit a raw nerve, but this is actually a fun, supportive community. Don't give up on us!
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    [quote]Originally posted by Mithras:

    <strong>Well, we sure discouraged poor Omni from ever posting again.

    Come back, Omni. You happened to hit a raw nerve, but this is actually a fun, supportive community. Don't give up on us!</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yeah, as long as you tow Apple's line and never speak ill of the company.
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    Kill this thread (and all of its demonspawn brethren) RIGHT FVCKING NOW!

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