iPods accounted for just 14.2% of Apple?s sales in Q4 2008



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    Alright you obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about and I'm not going to get in a debate with someone who doesn't even know the basics of the business. First, iPod accessories are included in the iTunes revenue number. Secondly, iTunes is no longer used exclusively for iPods. Thirdly, perhaps you missed the part where there's a FREAKING DOWNTREND in iPod sales as a percentage of revenue! Yes. Perhaps in Q1 iPods make up a sizable portion of Apple's total revenue. But that trend is obviously to the downside. Q1 2009, will be no different. iPod sales will make up a much smaller percentage of overall revenue than it has in the past - probably under 30%.

    Sorry, but all that has really happened is the iPhone has replaced the iPod as Apple's bread winner. Or to put in your eloquent terms there's a FREAKING UPTREND in iPhones that is merely replacing the iPod as one of Apple's two big sellers. You're going to consider it a good thing when Q1 2009 profits once again hinge on two products, this time it being the iPod and the iPhone?


    Also, I'm not spinning anything. The data is in front of everyone's eyes to analyze for themselves. If you want to overlook the downtrend in percentage of revenue, that's your problem, not mine. I'm just here to lay out the data. Take whatever stance you want. But don't just sit here and run your mouth on an issues you know very little about.

    And I've analyzed the data you provided as well and come to my conclusion that Apple still really has two tricks in its bag, despite your "analysis." And despite what you want to keep yelling (which seems to be all you can do when someone's opinion differs from your own), much of iPhone's marketing is based on upselling it as an iPod with phone features.

    Please go home and pout like you stated you would since I'm unwilling to bow down before your "superior intellect."
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    It's sad how even a company with such insanely great design and innovation can have trouble with growth in a country whose money is backed by nothing but the faith of the people.

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