Is my iPod done for?

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(Fifth Generation 30gb iPod)

OK, a few days ago, my iPod stopped working, it gave me the combination triangle-with-exclamation-mark-sad-ipod icon, at first the computer (windows xp, macs are about 2 or 3 times the price in Israel ) didn't recognize the ipod, I forced it into disk mode, and tried restoring the ipod, when it reconnected, it told me that the ipod was corrupted, and I have to restore it, I did that, and it told me again, and I restored again.

Third time it let me use the ipod normally, although, no music or videos, only solitaire and so forth, and I connected it to the computer, and it didn't recognize it, and now I can't use the iPod anymore.

I also tried alot of the things listed on the apple site, to no avail, what else can I do now?

EDIT: Also, when I connect my ipod, if it recognizes it, it opens a window labeled "autoplay" and closes a few minutes later.


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    my 5th gen kinda did the same thing. it was the logic board in the ipod. bought a busted 5th gen - bad drive- swappeed out the drive, battery & cover. mine was a 60gb. works ok.
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