Need adapter for video output on Macbook unibody.

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Is a video output adapter for New Macbook unibody that changes cable to rca video or s video. Can't find anywhere, maybe I am retarded, please help. Thanks. Is there one and where do i find them?


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    You might be out of luck this for a while yet. The mini-DP port is now digital, so in order to get analog out of it is going to need some sort of convertor box and it will be pricy. You might want to source a 3rd-party VGA to composite/S-video encoder so you can buy the mini-DP-to-VGA cable for the Unibody and take a TVout from that encoder box.
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    I don't get it.

    Windows for server? Then you need AV+subscription and Firewall, oh and patience to fight.

    It is NOT for home users for sure, it needs to be maintenance-free, secure and easy, not easy alone.

    Definitely Apple could bake something nice.

    I haven't been in the market recently, but i remember nice standalone devices available with linux, easy web management built-in, no fans and consuming 100W total. IMO much better until Apple serves us.


    Ups, please move the post into "WTF? HP offers Apple compatible Home Server"
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    duplicate post
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    Just saw this on the Apple Store website:

    Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

    The Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter lets you connect a standard analog monitor, projector, or LCD that uses a VGA connector or cable to a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air with a Mini DisplayPort

    It's not RCA or S-Video but it is analog so it is possible. Not sure if they have the Mini DisplayPort to RCA yet. It's only $45 Australian.
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