Flexible Video Utility?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Looking for a flexible video utility. Here's what I want it to be able to do:

* open any video file (esp. AVCHD, DIVX, WMV) and show the video and all audio tracks separately

* allow audio track to be edited in an external audio editor such as Peak

* allow stripping the audio out

* be able quickly select sections of the video for deletion with frame-accuracy

These would also be nice:

* one-touch Youtube/Flickr/Facebook/Myspace upload (like, does all 4, with one touch)

* support for playlists (even if the videos are different formats)

* support for apple remote

* smooth variable slow motion controls (slider bar just to set FPS to whatever you want)

Would be really cool:

* allow the easy export of playlists as if they were FC sequences to a desired format

What I hate:

* video programs that force you to decide your format before you import video and edit it

* video programs that force you to make a whole "project" when you just want to freaking strip the sound out of a video or do some quick and easy edits (i.e.: iMovie, any vers. of Premiere or Final Cut, Sony's crap, etc.)

* quicktime player because it's a piece of garbage

* VLC because it is just a player

Does anyone know of a program that fits what I'm looking for? Thanks.



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