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When Keynote prints a presentation to PDF using the handout option it pushes the slides to the left. My client asked me to center them. I don't see that option. Does anyone know how to do this?

In Keynote select File/Print.

In the section headed Print there are radio buttons for various options including handout. If you click back and forth between the options for individual slides and handout you'll see what I mean.

There is another option that has it respect printer margins. That would be an option if I could edit the printer margins but I don't see how to do that either.




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    Turns out this is a well known problem. I checked with a genius bar and they couldn't help. There are several posts about this on the Apple support forums.

    One issue is that with Leopard we lost the Page Setup function where you could change the printer margins. That would have been a way to center the output.

    I exported from Keynote to a pdf in the handout format. I then opened this pdf in the application Stone Studio Create. Now I could drag the contents right to center it. It turns out that Create treats the pdf as one object so by dragging the first page over it centered the entire document. Now I exported the pdf from Create and it was centered.
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    the above explains everything about creating handouts so that they don't look like they are going down the side of the page.

    it's simply selecting "layout" where it says "keynote" when you are in the printing screen.
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