Watch the QuickTime stream of Apple's iPhone 3.0 Software event



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    This just in...

    Apple has reinvented the phone...

    Video is so yesterday, so today Apple introduces you the iPhone Cooker!

    Thats right... George Foreman Grill and Apple have teamed up!

    Now, use your iPhone LCD to cook your food on the GO! Heats in seconds. WOW!

    App cost 4.99 for the first 100 grills, next 101 to 300 cost 25 cents each. After 301 grills, its only 10 cents a grill... Amazing value.

    !!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Stay tuned for details/pics!

    PS... Just Kidding...
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,081member
    Originally Posted by teckstud View Post

    You left put what the iPod Touch can do. Can you fill us in please?

    Ah, I'm sorry, here you go: less. Less carrier bullshit and less in general.

    Originally Posted by italiankid View Post

    your point is? they missed major features in 1.x and 2.x

    Finally got somewhere in 3.0

    It was a plan from start.... if they gave everything in the beginning the iPhone would be boring today... finally its caught up...

    My point: Operating systems are a journey, not a destination.

    Originally Posted by italiankid View Post


    sounds like you know to much to be a customer....

    what dept u work for at Apple? Product specialist?

    Ah I left Apple actually, well I still use their computers I mean and I never actually had a real job with them, but there was nothing there for me. My last job involved computer enslavement which involved boxing with my computer to get it to fit my obscure work and study habits, and now that that's done I've never been more productive on my real work, before that I worked in Complaints like yourself, although I must say you have a real knack for it, but it's a dead end, get out while you still can. I also worked as a Pseudo-support specialist on this forum, that was real fun, people like me would toss out some advice picked up on forums like this and somehow or another it sometimes solved someone's problem, great part-timer and it passed the time between complaints and keynotes.

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    abster2coreabster2core Posts: 2,501member
    Originally Posted by italiankid View Post


    It doesnt shoot video...........

    I dont care about watching video on the phone. I want to take video.

    Thanks for coming out big guy

    With your outlook, you would be better off to get a proctoscopic camera. And if it for personal use, one with a big, wide lens.
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    hillstoneshillstones Posts: 1,490member
    You can download it off iTunes instead of watching the stream.
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    hillstoneshillstones Posts: 1,490member
    Originally Posted by italiankid View Post

    watch 1.5+ hrs to announce new pricing on Apps for developers and Apple to make more $$$?

    watch 1.5+ hrs to learn about copy and paste + MMS + Push Notifications?

    No thanks

    Thank God this is a free update. It should have been introduced in iPhone 1.0

    Hopefully OS 4.0 will have video.

    Buy a video camera.
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