Clean install: What about 9?

in macOS edited January 2014
If I understand correctly a clean install erases your entire drive. I would like to do a clean install (partly because I have a non-working XDarwin install and I would like a clean start). However, if I erase everything I lose classic. Should I erase the disk, install 9.2 and then do an update to 10.2? Or should I do a clean install of 10.2 and then install 9.2? Is there some other recommended procedure for doing this?


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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Yep, erase the disk, install 9, then install X. Should work a treat.
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    jmpjmp Posts: 31member
    I stupidly did the opposite-erased hard disk, then installed OS X without classic (I knew this was wrong, just got distracted). However I then copied over my backup of classic onto the drive with 10.2 running and it works fine. Just be sure you have a copy of OS 9 before you erase the hard drive, because there's no 9 on the 10.2 install disks.
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    jbljbl Posts: 555member
    Thanks! So it is just as fast either way? What makes it slow when you upgrade from X.x?
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