Apple accuses Psystar of hiding behind bankruptcy



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    Originally Posted by KTM View Post

    Theres nothing vague about my post, I explicitely stated I am taking the unpopular position.

    I'm doing that because I'd really like to know what Psystar has done that is hurting Apple so bad.

    I get the part about Apple losing some hardware sales, but the software thing only helps Apple in my eyes.

    I would never buy a computer from Psystar or any other clone maker, my computing needs require Apple quality at a minumum. I would probably pay 20k for a personal work computer if it was worth it.

    That being said - why is there such jealous hate being directed at a company that could actually help Apple increase market share?

    It is not "jealous hate" to despise a company that is basically doing an end run around the IP laws with some bizarre twisted reading of First Sale doctrine.

    Nevermind that there is no proof it would increase Apple marketshare. Remember that instead of expanding into markets Apple couldn't or (or wouldn't) go into as planned the Mac clone maker instead went into the market Apple was already in and balkanized the market to the point the Mac market share dropped form the 10% it held to the 3% that it has taken years to recover from.
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