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We all know that Apple has as worthy a place in business environments as the da*ned PC, and while I applaud such sites as <a href="http://www.f*"; target="_blank">www.f*</a> we need to take more positive action!

COME ON MAC FANATICS, pick up a phone book, find 10 large companies near you and send them a letter, straight to the CEO and the CTO, telling them about the benefits of the Mac, the value of the open source movement, the cost savings. Tell them that, even though MS got away with a mild rap on the knuckles at the hands of your corrupt supreme, they were still found GUILTY and do they really want to do business with a company that flagrantly breaks the law.

As Moore amply demonstrates, it only takes one person to make a difference and change things, we could make that difference.

OK, so if you're ready to help out, post your list of copmanies you've written to.

Here's mine and I posted today!



Lloyds TSB Bank



Merril Lynch




Look alive people!

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