Mac Mini doesn't include SL????

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If you click on every Mac, from the Macbook to Mac Pro they all a triangle in the right hand corner that says it "Includes Snow Leopard" EXCEPT for the Mac mini. What's what that? My dad recently purchased one last night at an Apple Store and it didn't include SL. Yet if you go to the Mac mini Website ( it says SL is on it. Yet the Apple Store guy is saying it doesn't and is claiming my dad has to purchase SL to install on his brand new Mac mini he bought yesterday. What gives?? Anyone know?


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    They did the same thing with the G4 Mini and Tiger. All Macs would have Tiger installed allready, except the unloved little Mini.

    I think it took Apple about 2 months until they would preinstall Tiger. And you wouldn't get the install disc either. You had to buy or stay with Panther.

    Poor little Mini gets neglected in so many different ways.
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    I purchased a Mini from the store online on the 28th and it arrived on the 3rd - with Snow Leopard installed on the drive.
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    It says snow leopard included when I go to it?

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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Snow Leopard just came out, and the mini is not exactly flying off the shelves. Yours was probably shipped before SL came out, and sat in inventory, sealed in its little box, until you took it home.
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