Can't take it anymore! Help me someone

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Ever since purchasing Soundsticks I've had to unplug them from my 17"imac at least once a day. I have to unplug them to get them sounding right again. For unknown reasons they will start producing an enormous amount of distortion/stuttering/static and I have to unplug them and plug em in again to get them normal once again. Also during the distortion/stuttering/static period if I mute the sound I can her a static "click" coming from the soundsticks that is very regular like a heartbeat. I've plugged the soundsticks in both usb ports on my imac as well as on my Hub to no avail. I've also plugged them into my old 333 imac running OS 9 and I don't have these problems. Someone please help me because this is really really starting to p*ss me off something terrible.

My Specs

X 10.2.3 (Had the problems though on 10.2.2 and 10.2.1 as well)

imac 17"


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    I have had the soundsticks for 2 years and have only had temp problems.

    I am always able to solve them by finding the right USB port to put them in.

    My suggestion (you may have tried this) is to use a usb port on the back of the computer, not one on the monitor or the keyboard.

    Also check system pref/sound and make sure sound sticks are chosen.

    Should not be any problems after this. Keep tring your different USB ports until you find one with no problems.

    Also, some other periphial may be interfering, but I do not know what this could be. Again, the right USB port should work.
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