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Has anybody else tried Parallel Kingdom?

I just found it a few days ago and have been completely hooked. Its free in the App Store. Its an MMORPG that you play on a Google Map and it uses the GPS from the iPhone. I think you can play it on iPod Touch also.


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    Apparently not. Well, if anyone near Sacramento decides to check it out, look me up
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    Well, the folks at PerBLue just aired a really sweet trailer about Parallel Kingdom:

    Apparently a huge event is planned that will start on Halloween. Actually sounds pretty exciting...

    Any feedback?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,322moderator
    Kinda looks like speed-dating for geeks.

    If you are into RPGs yourself and not just spamming your own app (which btw is against the rules of the forum, especially if you live in oh I dunno Madison, Wisconsin ), you might want to check out Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter. It seems to be getting good reviews:

    If you perhaps were to get a job working for parallel kingdom, given the presumption you don't already work there and are in fact in the same location, maybe you could contact gameloft and see if they'd be interested making a game with the best of both. That way gamers get a good RPG with quality graphics but with the possibility of losing their virginity before they are 50. Right now it's one or the other and I imagine it's pretty hard for them to choose.

    It would remove the idea of playing on Google Maps but that seems pretty limiting anyway and simply adds real-world profiles and locations to a good game.
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