Apple investigates media playing headset, shoe wear-out sensor



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    I really want a pair of those iShoe thingy... It'll be soo cool not to worry about when to change yr shoes...

    ...yr sox... yr underwear... hey, why they are not doing some sort of iUnderwear, so it can bEEp me every time when I have to change/wash it...

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    Damn I want one of those wearout sensors in my toothbrush, my pencil, me eraser, my knife, my glue stick, my marker, my socks, my gloves, my basketball. Cause otherwise how would i know when to replace them...

    As far as Shuffle Headphones, i think its the next logical step, just build the device right into that control section on shuffle earphones, or better yet make some behind the head ones, and integrate shuffle into one of the ear peaces ( i think there were some hints of this before). Having this would make it a perfect running device, why not let the shoe sensor communicate to the shuffle alerting you how far you have ran and for how long. That would be a sensible use of a shoe sensor.
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Because patents are valuable for licensing. Nike or Adidas (or any one of a thousand other shoe manufacturers) might find value in this patent in the future and in case anyone hasn't noticed, there are billions of shoes in this world. It's a smart reconcepting of the tire wear sensor used in high end vehicles.

    Tire wear sensor? OK, I see. I found one system where RFID tags are in the tire, and if the car can't "see" a tag anymore, it's presumed damaged and the tire is considered worn. To me, that's just as silly. You have to buy special tires with the tags, and is it really necessary? Is it really that hard to notice that a tire is starting to look old? Seems like one of those fancy things that just cause maintenance headaches.

    Originally Posted by lopsided View Post

    A phone headset with two earplugs and a band connecting them would probably be unpopular - too silly/geeky looking and nobody wants to listen to music in one ear. Nice idea, but it doesn't fly design esthetics wise.

    Are you talking about both models here? It seems like you might be talking about the stereo version, then the mono, then the stereo again. Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense. According to the article, the model with two buds would have been stereo. I don't know if I get that, earbuds with a hoop, I thought the buds had to be at a particular angle in a given ear, and no ears are the same anyway?

    I do support the idea of more wireless headset models being available, there aren't enough, and I agree, this one looks a little odd. The idea is great, there's always something odd with the ones I've tried. My Jabra Halo didn't charge half the time, Samsungs had a skull-crushing headband and Sony's had great audio but didn't connect phone conversations properly. They all went back and I still have to deal with the headphone cord.
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    I have two shoe wear-out sensors at the end of legs
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    I have two shoe wear-out sensors at the end of legs

    I love this thread. All the comedians are here.
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    I want the shoes to have Bluetooth, so that the old pair handshakes with the new pair and passes along all its gossip about your habits. "Psst. That message that your wearer should let his shoes air out for three days? Yeah. Send that every single time he puts them on. Immediately."

    Passing joggers' shoes could compare notes. "Ouch, your wearer comes down hard on the heels? Mine hasn't polished me once since she brought me home."

    Then some entrepreneur could write an iPhone app that intercepted the messaging and posted the messages to twitter and facebook.

    "James Robinson's shoes just stepped in a puddle."

    "James Robinson's shoes just passed someone wearing a really hot pair of Vans."

    The possibilities are endless.
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