Star Trek: Enterprise. Yea or Nay?

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Star Trek is my all-time favorite TV show, but I've only seen Enterprise a few times. Have any of you formed an opinion about it yet?


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    So far I'd have to say it's a definite keeper. Some of the actors need to loosen up a little and get used to being on the show though. They'll really start to shine once the 2nd season begins.

    Personally, I've always wanted a glimpse into humanities past before the founding of the Federation. Enterprise gives us that glimpse so I for one love it.
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    The best thing is that some of the humor of the original Star Trek is back. I loved Next Gen, but I missed the humor. :cool:
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    falconfalcon Posts: 458member
    Thats one big hell yeah. Its been really good so far. Im glad they have humor back in there now. Anyone see the episode where trip(i think its his name) is impregnated? Classic.
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    So far, I''ve loved every episode.

    I hope they meet the borg sometime.
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    It's not fantastic, but then again I don't think Voyager was either in its early days.

    I believe that we will know whether or not it's a keeper by the start fo the second season.

    Time will tell, as always!

    For now, though, I think it certainly has potential.
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    Enterprise is okay so far. Some parts a a little annoying. I hate the attitude of "hey let's lay back and cruise the universe. Were here to have fun don't you know? They need to be a bit more formal.

    Is Tucker a captain or a camp counselor? I can?t tell.

    Tapal is a little off. Her teen angst vulcan thing aint working for me.

    The doctor is good.

    StarTrek NEEDs to lay off of the bit where everyone acts as shrink to help everyone else out with their problems. It?s too TeeVee formulaic (sp?). It?s like they all needed to learn a grow before us. I know Enterprise is about how Earthlings ?learn? and ?grow? and start the Federation but it?s been too much since TNG. Just tell the story and let the people be flawed without trying to fix them each week.
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,503member
    I personally love it. It's like Classic Trek with a budget. Although I think Tepal is a weak character so far I like the rest. Here's to 7 seasons!
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    I was a DSN fan and occasionaly watched Voyager. I don't know... I just can't seem to get into this one. *shrugs*
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    ferroferro Posts: 453member
    I watched the next generation, DS9 and voyager...

    but this ENTERPRISE... is lacking...

    I dont know wether its the flagrant disregard for the timeline or the blatant misuse of technoligy...

    It doesnt carry the same "uumphf" of the startrek saga...

    But I guess its still early in the series, and I think the beginning of the next generation wasnt that good either... so it still has a chance...



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    Last week?s episode was just about pure crap.
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    Big nay (fan of TNG and DS9). The writers refuse to create characters that are profoundly evil or at least follow through with their plans. Every problem ends with a "talk it out" or some cheesy non-exhilarating phaser fight. Would it be so hard to take those phasers off stun and KILL SOME PEOPLE? (at least the bad guys...)

    I few days ago I vowed not to plan my Wednesdays around Enterprise since I found it so lame. As a replacement, I was going to watch Andromeda (been a really awesome series up to now). But now it seems Sorbo's ego has destroied that (got head writer fired-- scripts were not "episodic" or Sorbo centric enough.) Now what Sci-Fi am I left with???
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    inubinub Posts: 45member
    Eh. It's alright. I don't know if I like the Vulcan woman, but she's hot.

    I don't really get into new TV shows, so I don't watch it regularly. Somebody pointed out something that makes me think, though. There really aren't any evil characters in this series. Even the bad guys are willing to listen to reason. Where's the black tar guy that kills people just because he wants to? I want some destroyer to focus this show, it's getting to be a series of mini-stories with no real continuity.

    But, what do I know, I only work at Burger King. If I knew this stuff, I'd probably be making loads of money writing it.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Arakageeta:

    <strong>Now what Sci-Fi am I left with???</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Stargate SG1 ****ing rocks. It's on Showtime but Fox picked it up too and is showing the older ones.
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    [quote]Originally posted by iNub:

    <strong>Eh. It's alright. I don't know if I like the Vulcan woman, but she's hot.


    Hot Vulcan. that's an Oxymoron right?

    Hmmmm... on second thought, maybe I agree.

    I'll give it a thumbs up for now but I haven't seen too many episodes so far.
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    daverdaver Posts: 496member
    So far I'm undecided on Enterprise. The production values are top-notch (as usual), but so it hasn't shown much more originality than the dreck that was called Voyager.

    The cast is growing on me, though. I like them a lot more right now than I did the TNG or DS9 casts during their first seasons.
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    I believe it is as good as the others were at the same point of the series. THey have done a good job of having a hot female on the last few series. The scene on the first episode of Enterprise with the decontamination gel. Oh my.

    I would like to see the next series to be a 100-200 years past where Voyager left off. They did 4 in the time frame, time to move on and see some cool new technology.
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    eh? What? People actually like this crap?

    Nay, noooooooo, nay. Man, I sound like a horse.

    Granted Ive only seen 3 episodes, but I was a HUGE fan of TNG and DS9, and all I can say is that this lacks any of the quallities of that show. It reminds me of Andromeda to tell you the truth (but at least Andromeda has some ok scripting). The characters are yet unwritten, the acting seems to be either over or under, the casting is horrific (except the Vulcan babe, though she is virtually identicle to 7o9), the special effects, dare I say, are worse then voyager (how!?), the plot lines and scenes are horrific (how the hell was this son of an inventor allowed to directly confront the vulcans?) and generally I get that colostraphopic feeling that you get when you only ever see 3 backdrops of the ship (nice part of TNG, it seemed ENDLESS). They REALLY needed a Patrik Steward or someone like that to hold this one together like the begining of TNG (it was pretty bad too, but not like this).

    Oh why cant a show the quallity of Babylon 5 durring the end of the 2nd and begiing of the 3rd season be aired...

    Or at least they could get Cow Boy Beebop translated (well, not some butchered job) and show it here in prime time. That series is close to the best TV show Ive seen, despite its Japan oriented humor and concepts.

    Best scene:

    First episode whre the Vulcan and first officer come into contact with some sort of spore thats completley unmentioned, and so they have to go rub them selves down with oil infront of bright lights in nothing but their undies (and if it werent for TV restrictions Im sure they would have made it less).

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    I've tried to get into Stargate: SG1. But I've missed too much back story I think. I get rather lost sometimes. The movie is very much a short intro into what the SG1 world has developed into.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 18,016member
    I have been a trek fan for a long time. This series is, in a word, great. As far as those criticzing its originality. you are idiots, plain and simple.

    The scripts have been VERY original. I think Bakula is right for the part and the others are coming along. The effects are very good as well.

    I actually can't get over HOW GOOD the show is. I really expected it to suck. I didn't like DS9 at any point, nor voyager. Believe me, I tried. TNG was OK at the start. I still feel it is the best, but this one has the potential to challenge that.

    Why don't you think it is original? At first, the title theme music made me go ""...But now, I like that too. The only thing I notice is that I'm not fond of is the technology looks a little TOO advanced compared to what date it is supposed to be. Either way, this show is awesome.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Arakageeta:

    <strong>I've tried to get into Stargate: SG1. But I've missed too much back story I think. I get rather lost sometimes. The movie is very much a short intro into what the SG1 world has developed into.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Don't worry about the movie. If you have broadband you can watch all the old ones here. If not they have episode guides.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;
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