AppleTV could be so much better if...

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Apple used iPhone/iPod Touch OS in the AppleTV.

Don't really see the down side. Just trying to think why it wouldn't work.

Build a controller with accelerometer and touch-pad like the iPod touch for typing.

Watch Video, listen to music, email, browsing and importantly play games.

Don't know whether it will cannibalize iPod Touch market or not, but it would be cool to play some of these games on big TV.

Any thoughts?


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    amoryaamorya Posts: 1,103member
    It'd be better if:

    1. They upgraded the hardware (RAM, processor speed)

    2. They allowed custom Quicktime codecs to be loaded (through iTunes)

    3. They EITHER allowed third party plugins, or they allowed iTunes to watch and sync any directory of videos (regardless of container format, so .avi as well as .mov).

    That way I could play my current video collection without conversion. As it happens, I've hacked my AppleTV to do that anyway, but the hacks are less stable than an official solution would be.

    I've heard all the justifications about how Apple don't want it to play non-iTunes stuff. I don't care. It's no use to me unless it'll play the vast library of stuff on my housemate's file server. I can't transcode that.

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    kotatsukotatsu Posts: 1,010member
    The Apple TV could be made better in so many ways. As it stands it's an incredibly limited, very over priced and dated piece of electronics. Through their near total disinterest in this sector Apple have already handed the market to Netflix and co. Right now it doesn't seem terribly important, but in 5 years time there will be tens of millions of people watching TV shows and movies through streaming IPTV boxes.

    If I was in charge at Apple, I would redesign the hardware first. Stick some modern chips in there which can handle high bitrate 1080p video with DTS Master and Dolby TrueHD audio. Most people may not be able to stream video at that quality yet, but it's only a matter of time. Then make it cheaper, MUCH, MUCH cheaper. I'm thinking half the price of a Wii, or less. Then create a SKU with a blu-ray player built in. Give people the option. Many stand alone BD players now have streaming video services built in. Choice is good.

    Then I would open up the platform to third party developers. Let people write widgets, add codecs, stream from any video network etc.

    And the final step would be to add subscription options to iTunes. Let people pay a reasonable sum each month for unlimited streaming, Netflix style.

    But of course Apple will do none of that, and the Apple TV will continue to gather dust and be forgotten about.
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    1) Come up with a codec more advanced than H.264. The iPod caught on because it could hold your hold your hold music collection and then some. Video files are so large that AppleTV would be hard pressed to do that and your iPod can only carry a handful. There needs to be something that takes up less room and is similar in video quality to DVD and Blu-Ray.

    2) Come up with a deal with the movie studios for import/export rights. The iPod was attractive and was adopted so fast because you could bring your music with you, If you could bring your movie collection with you, AppleTV would become a much much easier sell.

    3) Streaming access to the movies you own. Call it back to my AppleTV.

    4) cut movie rental fees in least. For a 24hr rental $4 is incredibly steep and the rental selection sucks. I don't care if its 40-below with 3ft of snow, I've braving it to go to the redbox where I can get 4 movies for the same price.

    5) Access to Hulu. If anyone actually thinks it actually competes with T.V. show sales, they're nuts. This is another feature that would greatly improve my chances of buying one.

    6) Full featured remote.
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    This is so weird but Apple is heading down that road. Now all they have to do is allow apps on the the freaking thing!
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    I bought the original Apple TV and use it mainly to show photos on my flatscreen. I am very satisfied about this and for me its enough value to buy the product.

    But I really bought this Apple TV to download movies. After 5 years Apple did not deliver this feature in The Netherlands yet. The same with iBooks....big announcement....and then content. This seems to be the big problem for convince the content providers to join in....
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