MBP & data on hard drive of dead PC

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i would like to ask for advice re transfer of data from an emachine PC (my dad's) with a "dead motherboard" to my MBP;

the PC's fan runs - but that's it.... how and what do i plug in/hook up; i believe i can treat it as a

"copy from an external drive" once i know how to access the hard drive (assuming that i do not simply plug into a USB port);

thank you, karl


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    Either this

    or this

    would do.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,223moderator
    Check the connection type of the drive if it's IDE or SATA. Then get an appropriate 3.5" enclosure like the above and put it in. Be sure to get a Mac supported enclosure. Most will be supported but you can have trouble with cheaper brands.

    If you are accessing the drive from a Mac OS, you should be able to read it but if you need write support, you will need MacFuse. If you boot into Bootcamp or VMWare to access it, that won't be necessary.

    You can possibly even clone the drive to use directly for Bootcamp using WinClone:

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    thank you ivan (from france!) and marvin!!

    ivan, it took me a moment to realize that you included links with your pics... very cool; i then read the reviews for both devices to fully comprehend what i was looking at...

    marvin: to avoid the possible prob's with my MBP or my wife's new iMac (hopefully next week!), i'll just connect to my wife's old PC (which my dad will inherit when she gets her iMac)...

    i am especially thrilled that this way my dad will have an additional 160GB external HD!

    now i only need to figure out how to get the hard drive out of my dad's "dead emachine"...

    thanks again for your responses and sharing the intel!! i would have spent at least $ 50 for an "expert" to copy the data to CDs...

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    Originally Posted by KiMac View Post

    i am especially thrilled that this way my dad will have an additional 160GB external HD!

    Cool to know, your investment isn't gonna vanish just in coping with that crap and fixing things.

    Wish you good luck and courage.
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