ichat and netgear dgn1000 router

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Any solutions to why ichat is blocked by this netgear router. Last one worked absolutely fine


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    rob_06rob_06 Posts: 75member
    Make sure these ports are accessable for ichat in the router setup.

    Apple use the following ports for ichat that I have found

    iChat AV Port 5060

    ichat Port 80

    ichatAgent Port 5190

    iChat and Jabber messages Port 5222

    iChat (local traffic), Bonjour Port 5297 & 5298

    ichat/ \tMobileMe (Automatic sync notifications) Port 5223

    iChat AV (Audio RTP, RTCP; Video RTP, RTCP) Port 16384-16403

    These may not all be used or needed for me only Ports 80 & 5190 are used so far but I have seen others asked for when using Little Snitch.
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