Adding more memory to an iMac

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How should I go about adding more memory to my 2008 iMac? I currently have 1gb and I would like to upgrade to 4-6gb, depending on the price. I've heard OWC is pretty good all around, but it appears to be that they're only compatible up to 2007 imacs, so I'm assuming that wouldn't work for my computer. What's a good, reliable, and cost-efficient brand that will be compatible for the computer I have? and how would I install it?


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    I THINK you'll find that your computer maxes out at 4GB... but I could be wrong.

    Check the pages... they will give you good/detailed instructions on how to access RAM for each model.

    Personally, I buy the cheapest RAM I can find and have never had a problem with it. Have never worried about brand name. (I figure they probably ALL come from 3 or 4 factories in SE Asia anyway )
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    Good point haha but do you know where I can get one from?
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    now I feel bad for feeding the troll.....
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