AT&T's slow iPhone 4 upload speeds due to software defect



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    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    I understand and appreciate what you are saying, but it still seems a little odd.


    How does AT&T release a new version of the number one phone, in their number one market, and fail to test the only new feature it has which relies exclusively on AT&T to implement correctly?

    Perhaps it's because in their testing, the problem didn't occur. I'm guessing that AT&T didn't have a million HSUPA-compatible devices to throw onto their network in just a few days. There really wasn't a good way to simulate that kind of load. Now they know, and their equipment vendor is working to fix the problem. It's no surprise that it hit AT&T hard in their largest markets. Other areas may not have been hit because they are using different versions of the equipment or software, or the load wasn't as heavy. Hard to say from the outside.

    The problem with the iPhone and AT&T being so popular is that it makes them a target for the Chicken Littles and Conspiracy Theorists. The Chicken Littles rush to the forums to scream about how AT&T "trapped" them into data plans, and is now going to abuse them by suddenly capping their data speeds. A short while later, when the real story comes out, the conspiracy theorists start with their "it's just an excuse! The evil corporation TRIED to rip us off, but they got caught" nonsense.

    I guess these people enjoy living in their paranoid, hate-filled, angry little worlds of make-believe. Some people aren't happy unless they are hating something or someone.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    PS: I really wonder who these people are in real life that don?t think companies ever make a mistake, that it?s meticulously planned malevolence on par with comic book evil geniuses.

    Thems the peeps whose ideas don't scale beyond their basement command center.

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    I no longer get 3G in my area. Maybe AT&T fixing the problem with their 3G network?
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    mehmeh Posts: 5member
    3G is back.
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