New iMacs, Mac Pros and 27-inch Cinema Display expected Tuesday



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    gxcadgxcad Posts: 120member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Apple's dodeca-core Mac Pro has also been in the works for some time....

    I dunno about you guys, but after quad core I think people should just say 8 core or 12 core instead.
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    bregaladbregalad Posts: 816member
    Originally Posted by briavael View Post

    Over the weekend I finally pulled the trigger to replace my sluggish G5 iMac with the i7. It hasn't shipped yet so I hope that I'll get the bumped version (if it materializes). Either I have perfect timing or piss poor... I'd really love to see the i7-960 or 970 in my next machine.

    You'll be getting the 2.93GHz i7-870 in your new iMac.
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    Originally Posted by Walney View Post

    ...And before we hear from the "it's more expensive to do business in Europe" lobby, I'm talking about a bigger incremental increase

    So the overall costs of doing business can't incrementally increase?


    so that differential with the US just keeps getting bigger (even ignoring the tax)...

    Oh, don't worry. We seem hell bent on shafting ourselves with taxes and lop-sided government programs, so the gap won't be quite so far apart. 2014 will be a real wake up call to most Americans, especially by those who own or work for a small business, when the health care fiasco really kicks in
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    Originally Posted by filburt View Post

    Am I the only one who wants to see wimpier (and cheaper) Mac Pro? Something that uses iMac grade CPU at say, $1499?

    Me, too. I bought, and loved, the cheapest G5 and G4 towers when they came out. A dual G5 Power Mac (tower) is my main machine. I have been waiting for a cheap Mac Pro for about two years. But more and more software is Intel-Only. If the new Mac Pros do not have a cheap model, I'll probably have to finally relent and get a Mini or iMac.
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    ferazelferazel Posts: 18member
    I have last gen's Mac Pro... I just want more GPU choices... give me a 480 or a 5870 at least.
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    Originally Posted by sc_markt View Post

    Will the powermacs have a new case? This current one has been around for several years now...

    Black glass! Jobs has been wanting to do the 'black obelisk' of 2001 fame since he started neXT! I have to believe glass and a lot of glue is cheaper to make a case than milled aluminum. Should be interesting!

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    bushman4bushman4 Posts: 858member
    27 inch nice size and a TOUCH SCREEN would be ideal.
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    joelsaltjoelsalt Posts: 827member
    Originally Posted by TomMcIn View Post

    How much of the supposedly extreme price increase of Apple Products in England is due to Apple and how much is due to the taxes required to maintain their lifestyle?

    In Canada, we have the option of buying the product across the line and paying our 12% HST when we bring it back. The pond makes that a little harder for the English.

    And it's only 5 % in Alberta
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    gugygugy Posts: 794member
    Originally Posted by Bregalad View Post

    The 24 will replaced by the 27.

    The 30 will be replaced by something bigger (33-37).

    I think the display and Mac Pro updates will be significant, but the iMac update will be minimal.

    I hope so. If Apple largest display will be a 27" that will be disappointing. Once you go big you never look back. Seriously, I love my 30" display and I do hope a larger one.
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    chris_cachris_ca Posts: 2,543member
    Originally Posted by sc_markt View Post

    Will the powermacs have a new case? This current one has been around for several years now...

    Actually, the PowerMacs have not been around for 4 years now. They were replaced by the Mac Pros.

    And isn't this article to talk about the new Mac Pros?
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    I also think that the 24" ACD will be discontinued. After all, Apple doesn't make any 24" iMacs anymore. I hope it will come in at the same price point ($899) as well.

    On the other hand, who's ready for all the reports of yellowing on the bottom half of the screen? Apple, you better have gotten LG to fix this. I returned six (6) 24" ACDs because they were all yellow on the bottom half. And yes, the "geniuses" saw it every time. This wasn't just a problem on the 27" iMacs.
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    No touch screen iMacs but the new screens are going to be the Retina Displays like the ones found on the iPhone 4. They are applying them to the iMacs first and looking further out, think BIG, the Cinema Displays will all have the Retina Technology applied to it in the future, thats Apples next move.
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    giosacconegiosaccone Posts: 121member
    It seems to be a succulent update!
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    rtm135rtm135 Posts: 310member
    You're probably right. I'd expect touchscreen macs to accompany OS 11. But the success of HP's TouchSmart PCs shows there's definitely a market for these.

    Originally Posted by Smiles77 View Post

    Believe me, there will be NO touchscreen iMac until AT THE LEAST 10.7, and probably not until 10.8. Also, there would absolutely be a press event for something that big. New software customized for it would have to be introduced and demoed, etc.

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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Isn’t the 30” ACD dramatically different tech that we can probably expect from the 27” LED Apple Display? Do they make ≥ 30” LED backlights that are viable for mass production and adequate Apple’s needs as a computer display? Are there any other issues between these two display types that would make it harder to produce a ≥ 30” LED Apple Display? Who else is selling a prosumer or better display of that size?

    Well, LED-backlit 1080p displays are highly common now in the HDTV space... From 30" onwards. However that's 1080p, far below Cinema Display needs. I reckon 27" 16:9 monitors just like the iMac screens will be easy for Apple to implement. Basically, take the iMac 27", remove everything but the screen element, case tweaks, voila... 27" LED IPS Display. Basically Apple will just leverage the 27" iMac to give you... the 27" Cinema Display. The 30" Cinema Display will then be phased out. Forget about antiglare on the 27", I predict.

    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    I don’t mind 16:9 for a desktop. The displays are large enough now to have plenty of height. What I don’t care for is smaller notebooks (anything less than 15”) with 16:9 or any “widescreen” ratio for a reader device, like the iPad. I think Apple was very smart here even some say that 4:3 is “obsolete”. Those “widescreen” tablets and netbooks are simply murder for anything but watching video.

    At first, when I heard the iPad was 1024x768, I was like, WTF APPLE???? Also I though the black border around the screen was way too big. Then, when I got my iPad, after just a few days, it all made sense. 16:9 netbooks are absolute garbage. Despite no Flash, etc., for a ton of daily tasks, the iPad is better than a netbook... IF you have another "main" desktop or laptop, IMO.

    You should add another law... Which each additional post, divide the ~relevance to the topic~ by half.
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    Originally Posted by coloredtoad View Post

    I don't think there will be anything new tomorrow.Don't you think if they were updating 2 macs and a display that they would have some sort of event?? So if anything tomorrow is say a small speed bump and that's it.

    It is possible the Mac Pro and 27" Cinema Display could be released, all just with a press release. I don't think iMac will happen at the same time as Mac Pro. This needs to be a clear pro/prosumer message in the midst of all the consumer stuff.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Originally Posted by TomMcIn View Post

    How much of the supposedly extreme price increase of Apple Products in England is due to Apple and how much is due to the taxes required to maintain their lifestyle.

    It's a killer combination of VAT (taxes), exchange rate (£ went down the toilet somewhat), and Apple. The first two more so than the third, I think.

    And the VAT is going up to 20% I hear! Outrageous... But, hey, I have no idea what the heck is going on in the UK. Honestly, sorry to say, from my 2.5 months there (to be fair, I was in London), it doesn't seem to be a great place to be right now.
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member
    Hmmm.... my monitor is 2.5yrs old, I wonder if I can justify replacing it. Still works that's the problem. Apple's monitors sure are stylish though.

    If there is a "Magic Trackpad," would they be so daring as to have it *instead* of a mouse? The first company to sell a (mass market) computer with a mouse (in the 80s), is the first to drop it?
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    hmmhmm Posts: 3,405member
    I can't find a 30" LED backlit panel by LG and they make basically all newer ips designs. Anyone can fact check this as even newer high end displays from nec and eizo are using LG panels. Samsung does have a 30" PVA LED backlit panel but I can't find any record of apple ever having used samsung panels. I'm waiting to see if they bring out new mac pros. My G5 was fine until support for it completely evaporated.
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    herbie49herbie49 Posts: 14member
    I agree! A 30' LED display would be gorgeous!
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