Apple to move aggressively on FaceTime, camera-equipped iPads



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    Well, despite the naysaying it looks like we may finally see a camera on the iPad.

    Should be interesting - I'm looking to see how they incorporate it into PCs and Macs. At least with it on all these devices, it will actually be widespread enough to become useful. Right now, Facetime is probably the least exciting feature on my iPhone 4.
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    wilwil Posts: 170member
    Originally Posted by Robodude View Post

    Well, despite the naysaying it looks like we may finally see a camera on the iPad.

    Should be interesting - I'm looking to see how they incorporate it into PCs and Macs. At least with it on all these devices, it will actually be widespread enough to become useful. Right now, Facetime is probably the least exciting feature on my iPhone 4.

    It's easier for Apple, they already have a system in iChat and I have been using iChat for years. Adding Facetime to iChat is a no-brainer. If they are able to make the Mobile Me service free or at the very least, cut it's price in half, they will have winner in both Face Time and Mobile Me.

    As for the rumored new iPads with back and front cameras for Face Time , it will be early next year. They will be announced on January, shipping in February or early March of 2011. Wifi version,hopefully will be 200 dollars less for the high end version and for the 3G version, a hundred dollar less .
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    Maybe it's the rumored 7" iPad mini that will be introduced with facetime/cameras in November....
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    Originally Posted by juandl View Post

    Can I ask somebody smart a dumb question?

    All the things that make Facetime work on the new touch or iPhone. Will they only work with the

    new hardware? Or is it something that could work on all the old iPods and iPhones?

    Nothing on this planet will put a front-facing camera on your existing hardware.

    I have a third-generation iPod touch and I don't expect to wake up some day to find a front facing camera on my device.

    Theoretically, Apple could make audio-only Facetime conversations work, (maybe an iChat client) but I don't see the point, seeing as there are dozens of IM/VoIP clients. Use Skype or just call them.
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    Early adopters take their turn at paying our collective way. I was for decades and still am occasionally but I'm over it, like SSD for example, it can wait. I've already paid my dues to memory and storage.

    It's always a bad time to buy tech.

    2 USB port? I love the usability fail people demonstrate when asking for such things. The dangling hdd and power drain are bleedingly obvious.

    As for 7" models. There is only one reason, market stratification. Apple has products at $xx to $xxxxx, if there is a 7" model it's price will be curious. The iPod touch already fills the price points upto the iPad and increasing the retail price while not unique would seem a bit unlikely just to make room for another one.
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    Originally Posted by blursd View Post

    You mean Apple is going to build FaceTime into it's new iPad models with a forward facing camera ... Gee, who on Earth would have seen that one coming?!?

    Reporting the obvious makes one about as psychic as Carnac the Magnificent (all my Johnny Carson fans).

    I believe the main reason of this article is that we are not going to have wait as long for it, not IF it was going to happen....hello. Personally I waited specifically for one with a camera to come out, now it looks like I won't have to be waiting as long as I originally thought, yay! Hopefully with retina display and by the holiday (dreaming of course)
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Apple should never rest on their laurels. If the market demands an iPad with built in camera or phone functionality, they should do their level best to deliver such a product.

    the ipad is unlikely to ever get full phone functions but the front facing camera seems like a given. the only question is when and how it would be placed in the unit. A rear camera is also questionable but not out of the question

    Originally Posted by drewbyh View Post

    "their FaceTime-equipped successors are said to be tracking for an introduction no later than the first quarter of next year." Since the first iPad was introduced in April of 2010 and the end of the first quarter of 2011 being April, wouldn't that make it a 12 mouth product cycle?

    Fiscal calendar. Which for Apple is Oct-Sept. So basically the article is saying new hardware for the holiday shopping season.

    Originally Posted by GQB View Post

    I think Apple will better spend its time bringing FaceTime to the desktop.

    won't take that much time. It's called iChat. Or even AIM. All they have to do is link the phones and touches into the system and maybe a little software update for ichat and it's done

    Originally Posted by antkm1 View Post

    not to mention how many early adopters will be pissed off,

    99% of 'early adopters' are very well aware that tech changes all the time and something new is always coming. they don't care. They want whatever version is out now in their hands now.


    They may add FT to iPad 2.0 but not a 1.5.

    but what would be the point of an iPad 1.5. What could they possibly do to make it better. Built in USB/SD, better display. More RAM, faster processor. that's all hardware changes so why not put the camera in as well

    Originally Posted by esummers View Post

    Simple. Make it smaller with a lower quality screen.

    Actually they make it smaller with a better screen. It's called the iphone/ipod touch

    Originally Posted by Booga View Post

    It's just not going to happen-- they can barely make enough of the model they have! -- but if enough people believe this it will start to depress sales and slow adoption. They're going to sell all the iPads they can build already,

    1. they will likely introduce all new models releasing without 10 days. if not the same day. no more of this announced and then 60 days later stuff

    2. THere will be businesses and such that will gobble up V1, especially if the prices comes down. So no worries about any backstock

    3. depending on the changes made they might be able to recycle any old models.

    Originally Posted by juandl View Post

    Will they only work with the

    new hardware? Or is it something that could work on all the old iPods and iPhones?

    has to have a front facing camera so that knocks out the old models. I mean sure I guess you could use the rear camera but then you can't really see the other people so kind of messes up the game.
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    matrix07matrix07 Posts: 1,993member
    i Believe the key for Facetime success is not iPad integration but multi-carrier for iPhone & desktop software for both Mac and Windows platform.

    Anyone would predict a new iPad with factime. How about facetime on a wrist? A new Nano next year, anyone???
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    Originally Posted by kenaustus View Post

    People can diss the camera, but it has a lot of value for many. My wife's brother loves 13,000 miles away and video chats are important.

    And when kids go away to college parents are going to want to have video chat when possible.

    Or the kids get married and have a baby. You better believe that the grandparents will want to have video chat when they live in a different town.

    I can see a lot of value - to the point that it is a critical feature for me to reach for the wallet.

    The only question I see is if I can buy my wife one for Christmas.

    13,000 miles away? The circumference of the Earth is 25,000 miles, so the most distant point from any point on the planet surface is 12,500 miles, unless you're going in the wrong direction. Is that why you wrote "loves" instead of "lives"?

    Also, I don't think kids should be having babies. They should grow up first
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    drdoppiodrdoppio Posts: 1,132member
    Originally Posted by Fast Fred 1 View Post

    Yean I'm with you. My son is in the Navy in Utah at present we VC a lot with our Mac's

    He's pregnate now and I love to show the baby when it comes, around the coffee shop

    to all my friends. Or lay up in bed and read and Face whatever you call it. I've been waiting for the camera, so, ah hope......ah hope...ah hope.....Xmas. All I see is the fun side of it. I'm retired.....screw the business application of the iPad.

    Your son is "pregnate"? Sorry to hear that...
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,783member
    Originally Posted by Vatdoro;

    "possible launch ahead of this year's holiday shopping season"

    This confirms what my gut has been telling me for almost 2 months. It makes so much sense for Apple to update the iPad hardware around November. And then Steve Jobs mentioned last week that the iPad was getting HDR photos in November, which would require the iPad to have a camera in November.

    Steve made a mistake, he does that quite often. Freudian-slip.
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    nceencee Posts: 857member
    They NEED to announce this real soon, as one of the other companies coming out with a pad, will use this as the BIG thing in their version, and BEFORE Apple. If someone does, it will make Apple look like they are FOLLOWING the lead of said company.

    If they can come out with it first, then the other(s) will look like the sheep.

    First to market, first in folks minds and first to the bank!

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    I would love to have FaceTime on my iPad, but I'm not gonna rush out and upgrade just to get it.
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    Originally Posted by esummers View Post

    Just plug a camera connection kit and a USB hub in.

    And then? Ever tried it?
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    Originally Posted by joelsalt View Post

    The iPad is held further from the face, so that kind of pixel density isn't as big of requirement.

    I'd have to respectfully disagree...sort of. The retina display may not be necessary for Face Time but it is becoming necessary for everything else you do with the iPad...especially surfing the internet. Switching from iPhone 4 to your iPad you notice a huge difference. I have found myself using my iPad less since getting the iPhone 4 because it's hard to go back to a normal display after using one that is so perfectly sharp.

    Having said all of that, if they don't improve the display, putting a camera on it is not going to be enough to get me to upgrade.
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    Originally Posted by Vatdoro View Post

    Now imagine if Apple can put the RetinaDisplay in the iPad 2. That's quite a few pixels, and might require a beefier GPU, but it would be awesome.

    That would probably be impossible. Here are a couple of sample resolutions. The current 1024*768 only provides about 132PPI. The iPhone4 is 326PPI.


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    I just wrote an Op-Ed on why I do feel Apple may be moving to release A new iPad and I tie it back to a famous mathmatical equation called the Levy flight - - it's theory but I threw it out there and I believe it has some significance!
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    Originally Posted by Mike Fix View Post

    I will buy an iPad when it has 2 fully functional USB ports.

    Then you miss the point of iPad and will never buy one.
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    Originally Posted by cwfrederick View Post

    just imagine tens of millions of iOS devices activated and video chatting on christmas day, it would be a very significant moment for apple, and its servers.

    This is an important thing to consider. I really don't care about a back-facing camera on the iPad, but a FaceTime camera would be enough to get me to upgrade. Living on the opposite side of the country from my family, I'd love for them to all have FT devices but the Touch and iPhone just aren't big enough for people like my grandparents to use. If I were to buy them FT enabled iPads for Christmas I'd be pretty disappointed if the servers crashed the first time they tried to use them.
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    Thanks for the response. The reason I asked, is because even though Facetime makes the best video-phone

    possible. The smaller iPods could also be used as the best communication tool. Especially for groups or families. Not everyone

    needs a camera to see who they are talking with. Heck, I am sure

    a good portion of the Facetime calls will be Faceless. But it will still be the best possible phone (FREE).

    We all know that the day of available WiFi, or Wimax, will become

    more common. It would not be hard for Apple to put a WiFi chip in

    those Small iPods. Parents could keep in touch with their kids. All they would need are those microphone headphones.
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