Newsreaders as opposed to Instapaper or Read It Later

in iPad edited January 2014
Please help me understand the difference between newsreaders (such as NewsRack, Pulse, and Times) as opposed to apps like InstaPaper or Read It Later.

• Which is more beneficial (a newsreader or, say, InstaPaper)?

• If you have a newsreader, do you necessarily need an app like InstaPaper or can you get away with having either one or the other?

• Would it be best to have one of the newsreaders mentioned above "and" an app like InstaPaper?


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,616member
    A newsreader is so you don't miss anything. Instapaper is so when you find something when browsing the web or using a news reader with a lot or reading in the article, and you decide you want to read it. For many reasons when you find it it usually isn't the best time to read it.

    If you owned an iPad Instapaper makes more sense, cause the iPad is perfect for reading articles. So it makes sense to use it when you find something of interest when at the desktop.
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