Is there ANY way to go back to pre-Multitasking?!!!!

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The iPhone 4 is so amazing. I really love everything about it.

Except multitasking. I never had any complaint about the old system.

Why do I have to open the tray and force close every app that I didn't want to leave open?

I frequently have an app crash on open, because it is already opened. I support a number of iPhone users who get it less than I do, and they are all puzzled.

Apple Care offers no hope, even though it was easy to hear that the support tech probably was no happier with the current state than I am.

Is there a secret backdoor to revert it? Anything?


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    Nope. Live with it until 4.2 or later. There is no official way other than to quit it from the multitasking menu.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,948moderator
    You can jailbreak it and turn it off. I personally think Apple should just have a user-accessible switch for it or even a slider to limit the number of apps that stay open.
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    Jailbreak? No, but thx! I like the switch idea best. I had two users just today who were hung up by this…
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    While in active app, hold down the Sleep button until Slide to Power Off slider appears. Release Sleep button and hold down the Home button for some seconds until in iPhone's home screen.

    iPhone's Force Quit. Not tested under Ubuntu.
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    Don't be mad at Apple. Multitasking is great. If you have an app that keeps crashing, most likely the app wasn't/isn't prepared for 4.0+. Write the developer they should release an update that will work nicely.
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