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I'm a UK user, a writer (therefore self-employed). I've never been terribly comfortable with a spreadsheet application like Excel or Numbers and neither am I sure whether they would easily manage everything I would want from them.

Basically, I would like something to keep tabs of my quarterly/monthly budget for when I change my mortgage in the next few months to ensure I stay on budget. However, I am also expected to keep records and receipts for expenses incurred whilst working and would therefore like something which I can not only use to record this but potentially help calculate my tax liability as well.

I see that Quicken is not available in the UK, the template for Budget in Numbers looks rather basic for what I'd need. I've just downloaded the trial for Accountz. Any recommendations?


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    You can try MYOB for a native app. There are also online solutions such as xero and Kashflow:

    The big apps are Quickbooks and Sage but you have to run them through a VM like Parallels, VMWare, Virtual Box. It's not a good idea to run important apps like that in a VM and it becomes a hassle to use for exporting, sharing files with native apps and printing information. These apps are more complex than needed anyway for someone self-employed.

    The online solutions are a good idea because you can share information with accountants easily and access the data anywhere without needing multiple licenses. If you start managing your accounts using MYOB or Accountz for example and you decide to use an accountant, they will have difficulty dealing with the information you've been recording.

    Online services will have downsides too but they will give you access to advisors, which are very valuable to have when it comes to dealing with accounts and better facilities for accountants to use. Use a service with an offline backup - I think xero has this facility and gives you peace of mind when this happens:
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    Perhaps look at: Luca Acocunting.
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    Am currently experimenting with Xero - looks like it could be just the ticket. Thank you.
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