AppleInsider text is difficult for me to read

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As I get older and my eyesight gets worse, I find that reading text in colors other than black on white becomes harder to read.

AppleInsider's gray on gray is very difficult for me to read. It is blurry to me, so I probably have beginning stages of cataracts. I can still read black on white with NO problem.

There is some black on gray on AI which is easier to read, but the majority is still gray on gray.

Is there a way to change the colors as there is in MS Word or other apps?

I will not renew my subscription to MacWorld for two reasons:

1. The articles about computers become fewer and fewer, but for iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc., become more and more.

2. Even worse, there are articles written in white on orange or green that I cannot read at all.

Why do producers of these publications prefer to use "artistic" media that is difficult to read and understand, over straight forward text that everyone can read?


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    Write your own stylesheet or just kick the font size up.

    It's not as though AppleInsider won't also be having more posts about iDevices over computers, you know. You just have to quit whining and deal with Apple not being a computer company. They haven't officially cared since January 2007.
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    I agree. After age 40 near-vision starts to deteriorate for almost everybody. This site has the smallest default font size of any that I read regularly. Increasing the font size manually in Safari helps, but I have wondered why the default has to be so tiny.
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    Agree with the O.P.

    And this problem was recently compounded with the last restyling of AI: the new/current layout does not reflow the text within the window when the font size is increased (Command +).

    The old layout did...!

    Why, mods?
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    Sequitur you might try opening System Preferences > Universal Access and toggle the display (screen) to "White on Black". See if that improves anything for you.

    Other forums allow registered users to change/preset the layout's color scheme from half a dozen possibilities, and font types, colors, and sizes in user's preference panels. This one doesn't, unfortunately.

    5 demerits.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,664member
    I just tried bumping up the text size and doing the Universal Access white on black thing, and while the text is immanently readable the net effect is kind of headache inducing. Maybe you get used to it.
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